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Dowd Scheffel Authors Supreme Court Brief for 40 Former Members of Congress in Important Case

February 7, 2022: Dowd Scheffel prepared and filed an Amicus Curiae brief at the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of over 40 Former Members of Congress in support of petitioner Le Roy Torres, a Texas State Trooper and veteran in the highly publicized Torres v. Department of Texas Department of Public Safety case. Mr. Torres’s exposure to toxins in “burn pits” while in service impacted his ability to return to his prior job as a Texas State trooper. His circumstances have been covered extensively. The Torres case addresses the important issue of whether Congress has the power to authorize lawsuits by veterans against States under “USERRA.” USERRA is a Federal law that prevents State and private employers from discrimination on the basis of military service. Matthew J. Dowd was counsel of record and was joined by Robert J. Scheffel, as well as able assistance from Elliot Gee and Adam Smith. Co-counsel was James Eisenmann of Alden Law Group, PLLC. A copy of the brief can be found here.

Update June 29, 2022: The Supreme Court sided with Mr. Torres and the Amicus Curiae concerning the proper interpretation of USERRA with respect to private rights of action by veterans. Dowd Scheffel is proud to have played a small part in achieving this result for Mr. Torres, his family, and other veterans. The Supreme Court decision can be found here.


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