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Since 2011, patent validity challenges before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB") have fundamentally changed patent practice.  Instead of validity challenges in federal district court, patents are frequently challenged before the PTAB--an administrative panel comprising specialized judges with experience in patent law.  


Success in PTAB litigation requires a deep understanding of patent law and the specialized rules of practice before the PTAB.  Effective PTAB representation also requires excellent brief writing skills, the skill to depose and challenge expert witnesses, and persuasive oral advocacy.  The attorneys at Dowd Scheffel have skills and employ them in advancing the client's goals in PTAB proceedings. 

Dowd Scheffel is experienced in all proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, including:

  • Inter Partes Review

  • Post Grant Review

  • Covered Business Methods

  • Derivation Proceedings

  • Interferences

  • Reexamination






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