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Dowd Scheffel Obtains Decisive Win for MooreCo in Trade Dress and Breach of Contract Case in EDPA

August 22, 2022: Dowd Scheffel is pleased to report a victory for MooreCo, Inc. in connection with a trade dress infringement and breach of contract case brought by competitor Haskell Office, LLC in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. MooreCo designed and sells a handheld whiteboard to its long-standing customers in the educational furniture space. Haskell Office asserted that MooreCo’s whiteboard infringed Haskell's unregistered trade dress and Haskell made serious false allegations affecting MooreCo’s business reputation. MooreCo strongly disagreed and after significant litigation uncovered the true facts surrounding MooreCo’s efforts, Haskell Office dismissed its claims with prejudice. Dowd Scheffel is grateful to be able to help MooreCo shed these false allegations concerning highly suspect claims.


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