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Dowd Scheffel Submits Brief on behalf of Chief Judge Paul Michel in Zaxcom v. Lectrosonics

December 8, 2020: Matthew J. Dowd of Dowd Scheffel was honored to work with Chief Judge Michel (ret.) to assist with filing an amicus curiae brief at the Federal Circuit in Zaxcom, Inc. v. Lectrosonics, Inc., No. 20-1921 (Fed. Cir. 2022). Zaxcom addresses an important issue in patent law concerning obviousness challenges—namely the requisite standards for showing a nexus of secondary considerations that relate to the patented invention.The firm stepped in after the unfortunate passing of prior counsel John Battaglia, who was a former clerk for Chief Judge Michel.Dowd Scheffel is honored to complete the filing for Judge Michel and John.A copy of the brief can be found here.


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