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Dowd Scheffel Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief on behalf of the Military Order of the Purple Heart

Dowd Scheffel filed a Supreme Court amicus brief on behalf of the Military Order of the Purple Heart in an important First Amendment case concerning a World War I veterans memorial that has stood in Maryland for over 90 years. Known as the Bladensburg Peace Cross, the memorial was erected to remember 49 men from Maryland who served their country and sacrificed their lives in that service during World War I. The case pits the long-standing memorial against the American Humanist Association, which claims the memorial is an unconstitutional establishment of religion and therefore violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The case has attracted numerous amicus briefs, as well as reporting in the local and national media. See reports by WTOP, the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, NBC4, and the National Law Journal. A copy of our amicus brief is available here.


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