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A lawyer's primary function is to solve a client's problems and to facilitate the client's goals, using the tools of the law to achieve the desired result effectively and efficiently. The goal should not be to simply bill more hours. 


Dowd Scheffel PLLC was established to offer the sophisticated, quality legal representation frequently offered at larger law firms but with the flexibility and efficiencies of a small firm. The firm's commitment to excellence and its agile and efficient approach represent the future of legal services.

Dowd Scheffel PLLC offers the highest quality legal services for all aspects of intellectual property. The major assets of today's businesses are intellectual property, and every business must protect and enforce its intellectual property assets.  


  • IP Litigation 

  • Trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

  • Appeals and Supreme Court Practice 

  • Strategic IP Counseling and Prosecution

  • Civil and Administrative Litigation 

  • Trademarks and Copyright

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