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Dowd Scheffel Successfully Defends Client in Jury Trial in the Southern District of Florida

Dowd Scheffel had a very positive outcome after a week-long jury trial in Fort Lauderdale (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida) for our clients ThermoLife, International, LLC and Muscle Beach Nutrition, LLC. The case involved allegations of Lanham Act false advertising, state-law unfair competition, and false patent marking under the Patent Act. Dowd Scheffel was engaged shortly before the case was set to proceed to trial.

After hours of deliberations by the jury, ThermoLife and Muscle Beach received an extremely positive outcome. At the outset of the engagement just a few months earlier, the result seemed almost unachievable. Dowd Scheffel is grateful for the clients' trust to handle a potential existential dispute.

Presenting a case to a jury is one of the most important responsibilities for counsel. The right to a jury trial is enshrined in the Seventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Dowd Scheffel is always honored to be part of that important process. Any jury trial is a legal roller-coaster ride of excitement, stress, terror, thrills, exhaustion, and intellectual puzzles—all enveloped by the looming decision of citizens who are judging the evidence and your clients.


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